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BIHU : Festival of Assam

Bihu is mostly Assam and Eastern India festival. MAGH Bihu is celebrated on January 14th on day of sankranti. Bihag bihu is celebrated in April and Kati bihu is celebrated in Oct

Assamese people, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, faith and belief celebrate the Bihu. There are actually three Bihus in the lush green, verdant and rain lashed hills and plains of Assam, marking different seasons.
The first and main Bihu called BIHAG BIHU or RANGOLI BIHU comes in April on Sankramana of Chait or Baisakh.
The second Bihu called KATI BIHU or KANGALI BIHU comes around October(KARTHIK).
The third Bihu called the MAGH BIHU comes on January 14th coinciding with Makar Sankranthi.



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