Lohri Wishes

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Lohri - jaggery and peanuts

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Dance and songs

Copper Mountain

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Celebrate harvest, end of winter

Crested Butte


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New Year Decorations

Lohri  Celebrations


couple of days before Lohri day, children go from door to door in their neighbour hood. They sing song and demand "lohri".  Lohri is given to them in form of money.  Relatives also give "lohri"/money to kids.  This is similar to other tradition in which children get choclates on halloween or youngster get eidi on Eid.

On 13th Jan evening they sing song, dance around sacred bonfire.

Kids and Family Members' Celebration

After doing this ritual, kids dance around the fire and sing and play with each other. Since the weather is quite cold in this season everyone enjoys well. The family members sit together around the fire and they sing, talk and have fun while enjoying the taste of the mixture that is left behind after sacrificing it in the fire. This remaining stuff is known as 'Prasad' and is treated with respect considering it as the fruit from God (Agni Deva).